What We Teach


Taekwondo, which translates as the way of foot and fist, emphasizes dynamic kicking, particularly to the head, along with explosive footwork and movement.  This style is the framework upon which we build all other striking.  We practice a more traditional, functional Taekwondo, rather than the sport or family style Taekwondo that is more common.

Judo & Wrestling

Judo, which means the Gentle Art is comprised of takedowns mostly using upper body manipulation in the Gi.  Wrestling uses many of the same takedowns in addition to lower body takedowns and is done without the Gi.  Because of the importance of being able to control where the fight takes place, we teach both basic Judo and Wrestling techniques as part of our regular curriculum.  

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a means of fighting from the ground using position dominance and submissions to control your opponent.  Within this program the primary focus is on using basics of Jiu Jitsu technique to get back to the feet or to control and mitigate your opponent's control from an inferior position.   BJJ techniques also comprise the majority of our basic self defense curriculum.

Boxing & Muay Thai

Boxing, also called the sweet science is the art of punching.  Muay Thai, called the art of 8 limbs is a striking art that incorporates not only kicks and punches, but elbows, knees, and clinches into striking.  We use a great deal of Boxing and Muay Thai techniques and concepts blended into our unique system to fill in any holes in our striking so we are well rounded in all areas.  


Hapkido, the art of coordinated power, is a sister art to Taekwondo, and the arts are often taught together.  Hapkido uses Taekwondo to soften and unbalance an opponent before using joint manipulation to throw or unbalance them.  Our belief is the use of Hapkido techniques as low percentile techniques that have an application in particular niche areas.  We add hapkido techniques into our multiple opponent training and self defense curriculum.


Putting it Together

When we spar, we spar safely with high intensity - low impact.  We don't keep points, but focus on development of technique, concepts, and systems under pressure testing.  Safety is concern number one.  

  • No punch contact to the head normally but every 3-4 months we can do light head contact with 16oz boxing gloves and headgear

  • Light contact kicking to the head.  All strikes and kicks can be done light contact to the body or legs.  

  • Clinches, wall grind, and takedowns are permitted

  • Up to 30 seconds of work on the ground using BJJ or light to no contact ground and pound.