Class Warm Up  - 5-10 Minute Dynamic Stretching

  • Jumping Jacks x 30

  • Stance Switch and 5 Probing Jabs Stepping x4

  • Neck Rotation, Hip Rotation, Shoulder Rotations

  • Bouncing Chest to Knee Left Right Center Standing

  • Front Stretch Kick, Inside Out Crescent Kicks

  • Standing Flutter Kicks to Roundhouse Kicks, Foot Slap Kicking, Running Butt Kicks 

  • Alternating Toe Touches, 4 Count Stretch, then Side to side leg stretch

  • Dog Position Knee Raises and Side Kick Lifts

  • Reverse Butterfly

  • Seated Left, Right, Center stretch

  • S Mount Stretch and Open Up

  • Standing Straight Leg Side Kick, Roundhouse Kicks, Hook Kicks, Side to Sides

  • Silat Ground Kicking Drills

Class Cool Down - 15 Minute Static Deep Stretching

  • Deep Stretch Left, Right, Center (30 Seconds Each) 

  • Splits Center, Left, Right (1 Minute, 30 Sec, 30 Sec)

  • Seated Left, Right Center Stretch (30 Seconds Each) 

  • S Mount and Sit Back Stretch Left, Right (30 Seconds Each) 

  • Upward Dog / Baby Cobra (30 Seconds)

  • Downward Facing Dog (30 Seconds) 

  • Lunge, Triangle Pose, Sit Back to Straight Leg Stretch - Left, Right (30 Sec Each) 

  • Thread The Needle - Left, Right (30 Sec Each) 

  • Backstep Stretch - Left, Right (30 Sec Each)  

  • Roll Back (30 Seconds) 

  • Standing Balance Pose to Foot Forward to Side Kick - Left, Right (10 Sec, 10 Sec, Extend)

  • Meditate (1 Minute)

Principles of Verbal De-Escalation

1.  Listen well and Stay calm

2.  Deflect and Redirect insults

3.  Paraphrase - Let me see if I understand you.  You're (feeling) because of (reason)?  

4.  Provide Options - Ask, Explain Context, Appeal to self interest

Always using:

Tactical language - If it feels good, don't say it

Tactical Tone - Unsaid but expressed

Project Empathy - The moment you stop thinking like them, you become ineffective

***  Please note that the material provided on this page is not for instructional purposes, but to supplement classroom instruction with a qualified instructor. ​