Combinations & Sparring Concepts


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Entry to Exits

Kicking Counters

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Advanced Kicking Drill

Punch Counters

Modified Philly Shell

Clinch Basics

In addition to the videos shows above, we have a full playlist of additional sparring and self defense videos that you can watch to better understand our goal and application of techniques to making Taekwondo a fighting art again.

One Step Sparring


One Steps 1-5

One Steps 6-10

One Steps 11-15

One Steps 16-20


One Steps 21-25

One Steps 26-30

One Steps 31-35

One Steps 36-40





Knife Defense

Club Defense

Gun Defense

Basic Self Defense

Drills for Combinations Practice

1. Defensive Spacers into combo

      -  Check post kick 

      -  Tepe

      -  Front leg side kick 

      -  Straight arm and framing

2.  Head movement with blocking or parry, then combo:

      -  Slip, roll under

      -  Slip, Slip, parry

      -  Roll back with rolling block

      -  Carriage Block left and right, roll or slip

      -  LH Carriage block and RH parry (common for jab,cross)

      -  Elbow roll or sweep through

      -  Check a kick, step over, or hip slide back

      -  Lean back, bow forward

      -  Push block and lean back

3.  Slide back retreating footwork, then combo

4.  Vary combo angles before (to avoid), during (to decieve), or after (to escape)

5.  Pivot out to combo (philly shell bow, check hook, Clinch throw)

6.  Favorite combo directly into new combo

7.  Combo, Defend / Counter, into combo

8.  Change Timing on combo attacks

9.  Focus on Fundamentals, built in defenses, power, speed

10.  Aggression and cardio trained combos with breath control

11.  Partner I go, You go drill

12.  Vary shadow boxing, heavy bag, pad drill, and 3 steps, and free sparring

13.  Exit strategies

      -  Angle out/rotate, Hold your Ground, Or slide in slide out

      -  Defensive Head movement/footwork/blocking movement

      -  Intercept their turn or counter,

      -  Clinch

      -  Punctuate with a takedown

      -  Invade their space (shoulder checks, arm drags, elbow drags, drive in)

15.  Practice common counters and clinch escapes into combo

16.  Pick a target, change last movement of each combo to hit the new target

17.  Practice Different types of guards, stance, and left/right side

18.  Practice combos from different ranges

Elements of Defense

1.  Footwork

2.  Blocking and Parrying

3.  Head Movement

4.  Awareness of Surroundings

5.  Pattern Recognition

6.  Consolidation of and Motion/Energy

7.  Built in Defenses

8.  Control Distance and Pace

9.  Pressure exposure

10.  Funneling

Elements of Offense

1.  Footwork

2.  Changes in Timing

3.  Changes in Distance

4.  Changes in Direction

5.  Changes in Elevation

6.  Setting and Breaking Patterns

7.  Applying and Releasing Pressure

8.  Fundamentals, Combinations, & Tactics

9.  Fitness / Endurance

10.  Aggression

Judo Requirements 


1.  Osoto Gari 

2.  Kosoto Gari

3.  Ouchi Gari

4.  Kouchi Gari

5.  Osoto Guruma

6.  O goshi

7.  Harai Goshi

8.  Hane Goshi

9.  Tai Otoshi

10.  Uchi Mata

11.  Deashi Barai

12.  Ippon Seionage

13.  Morote Seionage

14.  Seoi Otoshi

15.  Tani Otoshi

16.  Sumi Gaeshi

17.  Tomoe Nage

18.  Uchi waza

19.  Kibisu Gaeshi

20.  Soto Makikomi

21.  Kani Basami

22.  Kata Gurumi

23.  Iminari Roll

24.  Uki Otoshi

1.  Major Outer Reaping 

2.  Minor Outer Reaping

3.  Major Inner Reaping

4.  Minor Inner Reaping

5.  Double Leg Reap

6.  Major Hip Throw

7.  Loin Spring Hip Throw

8.  Lower Spring Hip Throw

9.  Body Drop

10.  Inner Line Throw

11.  Advancing Foot Sweep

12.  One Arm Shoulder Throw

13.  Two Arm Shoulder Throw

14.  Descending Shoulder Throw

15.  Valley Drop

16. Butterfly Throw

17.  Stomach Circle Throw

18.  Suicide Throw

19.  Ankle Pick

20.  Wrapping Arm Drop

21.  Scissor Throw

22.  Fireman's Carry

23.  Iminari Roll

24.  Floating Drop

Hapkido Defense Videos

***  Please note that the material provided on this page is not for instructional purposes, but to supplement classroom instruction with a qualified instructor. ​

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