Combinations & Sparring Concepts

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Sparring Combinations


Boxing Combinations


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Sparring Combinations

  1. Front kick, double punch, roundhouse kick

  2. Front leg roundhouse kick, Reverse punch (option finish superman)

  3. Jab, cross, hook, cross (option roundhouse kick)

  4. One step #4

  5. Backfist, spinning backfist, Reverse punch, roundhouse (forward, retreating, and held ground)

  6. Jab, cross, parry, elbow

  7. Backfist, skip side kick

  8. Switch, knee, elbow

  9. Jab, cross, switch kick / switch turning back kick

  10. Roundhouse kick, turning back kick

  11. Step into ridgehand, turning back kick

  12. Simultaneous 3 part - pull down hand, front kick, punch

  13. Roundhouse kick, swing out roundhouse, ridgehand

  14. Cats paw hook to hook jab, cross

  15. Same side hook punch to skip hook kick

  16. Hopping front kick with rear foot kick option roundhouse kick/turning back kick

  17. Front leg roundhouse kick to inside out crescent to back of head

  18. Pull down opponent front hand with reverse punch (option jumping)

  19. Jab, uppercut, step forward (now southpaw) LH reverse punch

  20. Retreating jab to Turning wheel kick

  21. Double switch stance, axe kick to front arm, reverse punch

  22. Jab, cross to body, stiff arm jab, side kick

  23. Slide in, jab, cross, slide out front kick, sidestep out to side, roundhouse kick, hook kick

  24. Jab, switch stance to now double jab, +45 single leg, -45 double roundhouse kick

  25. Block vision, reverse punches to head, knee strike to body

  26. Springing side kick to body, into roundhouse or hook kick to head

  27. Juke right/left, push off left with RH reverse punch inside out crescent kick

  28. One step #28 (crescent side)

  29. Jab, cross, lean back front leg roundhouse kick to leg, front leg front kick to body, turning back kick

  30. Jab, uppercut to rolling cross, double hook punches

  31. Pull down hand, cross, step out foot sweep, reverse punch, option for double leg takedown

  32. Advanced footwork, step flying roundhouse kick

  33. Switch, Double Roundhouse kick, cross, roll back, cross

  34. Jab, slip left, uppercut LH, roll under, cross, RF tepe

  35. Jab, Jab, body cross, philly shell guard body, uppercut, rotate 90, hook (head), uppercut, hook (body), cross

  36. One step #1 to inner reap, skip side kick - option double leg

  37. Jab, Cross, Roll under (right), cross, check hook, uppercut, angle back 45 RH kick body

  38. RH kick to inner leg ankle stomp, inside out elbow, uppercut. Step out foot sweep to turning wheel kick

  39. Front leg roundhouse kick, jab, jab, front leg Roundhouse kick, Turning back kick

  40. Roundhouse, jumping spinning roundhouse kick, turning wheel kick


Combination Applications


  • Angles

  • Distance control, checks and posting

  • Proactive Defensive Gestures

  • Threat and Variable

  • Feinting & Projected Intention

  • Funneling & Predictive Logic

  • Threaten Takedowns


Exit strategies: 

  • Transition to another Combination

  • Angle out/rotate,

  • Hold your Ground

  • Slide out slide in (Drawing them out)

  • Defensive gestures

  • Intercept their turn

  • Clinch

  • Punctuate with a takedown

  • Invade their space

Elements of Sparring

Elements of Defense

1.  Footwork

2.  Blocking and Parrying

3.  Head Movement

4.  Funneling

5.  Distance Management

6.  Luring & Counter Striking

Elements of Offense

1.  Feinting and Entries

2.  Combinations

3.  Pattern Attacks

4.  Dilemmas

5.  Volume and Pace

6.  Exit Strategy