One Step Sparring

1.Youtube One Steps Video
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Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail
Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail

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Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail
Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail
Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail
Koval Taekwondo One Steps Youtube Thumbnail

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Knife Defense

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New One Steps 

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Done from Open Stance

  1. Against Forward Punch - (OG1) Step into Knifehand block with Right hand, then immediately into Right hand inside out knifehand strike.  Right hand frames and drives back into Ouchi Gari.  (Variation side kick)

  2. Against Forward Punch - Left hand does high guard and right foot steps out to right.  Left foot front kick to the groin.  Step forward into right elbow strike.  Right foot pivot out exit strategy and slide back

  3. Against Forward Punch - Right hand hard inside out middle block.  Cut Kick to drive them back

  4. Against Forward Punch - (OG4) Step forward into Left hand middle block, backfist, reverse punch.  Slide out with (Machida style) high hands low head as exit strategy 

  5. Against Forward Punch - Step forward with a simultaneous Left hand push block parry (inside out) and stepping extended right hand palm strike to the chin.  Left hand grabs sleeve and right hand grabs lapel.  Step forward with left foot and extend them to Osoto Gari (Major Outer Reaping).  As they fall, hold the arm and lapel and go to knee on belly position.

  6. Against Jab - Lead hand will parry over top into a counter jab, lead leg calf kick, jab.  Falling back to Poirier high guard

  7. Against Jab - Level change to a single leg takedown.  Run the pipe with a backstep, then do a leg drag to stand on their side

  8. Against Jab - Right hand parry and Step right into a wrapping ridgehand strike.  Step behind into the rear naked choke  

  9. Against Jab - Roll back with slide, rear leg roundhouse kick to liver followed immediately by same side punch.  High hands slide back exit strategy

  10. Against Jab - Drop head to right and throw overhand left, right hand body hook, overhand left.  Step back and right foot pulling foot sweep.  As they stumble, step back forward into a right foot hook kick.

  11. Against Cross -  Intercepting front kick, level change to double leg takedown.  Pitch left and climb to side control.

  12. Against Cross - Intercepting high shoulder counter cross.  Step forward into advancing blitz cross.  Turning back kick (if they don't retreat, step across to sheath kick)

  13. Against Cross - Slip to left with advancing step and simultaneous LH parry and RH open hand ear slap.  Right hand turns into a collar tie and pulls them down into a Gable grip.  Head and arm choke kosoto gari.  

  14. Against Cross - Catch parry, double jab with outside step.  Switch stance to turning wheel kick. (variation if they cover high, follow with donkey kick to groin).  

  15. Against Cross -  Left back and throw a high section lead leg roundhouse kick.  Follow with a flying front kick.  Step forward with left foot (now orthodox) to the left side and drop to a peek a boo crouched high guard.  Throw a left hand body hook to left hand high hook to direct them to the right.  Throw a Right foot roundhouse to the head.  

  16. Against Jab Cross -  Fall back to a Poirier style High Guard.  Throw a Left hand disruption punch, then step into a left hand jab followed by Right hand cross, right foot calf kick.  Exit out left.

  17. Against Jab Cross -  Fall back to a Poirier style High Guard.  Left foot teep them back into right foot question mark kick. Finish TBD

  18. Against Jab Cross -  Fall back to a Poirier style High Guard.  Sliding step forward into left hand ascending elbow while using lead right hand to trap their arm.  Overhook Left hand into the straight arm lock series with a lateral drop.

  19. Against Jab Cross -  Slip right on the jab and drop down into a left hand body cross.  Then use your right hand to push their left lead hand away by the tricep to interfere with their follow up.  Come around to back control and valley drop and continue to back turtle control.

  20. Against Jab Cross -  Check hook cross.  Tie up to Muay Thai clinch.  Use left foot to push their hips back to the left foot knee strike.  Snap down to guillotine choke.  If they posture high, release and transition to double leg takedown.  Finish TBD

  21. Against Jab Cross - Step back, then lean back and throw now lead left over the top hook.  Transition into a left hand inside out elbow strike.  Right hand bicep control on far arm.  Reach over to Kimura.  Bring around the top to side control finish.

  22. Against Jab Cross - Slip, roll under left.  Come up to left hand lead hook. Right hand uppercut chin. Pendulum step. LH overwrap hook and take the back to get the simple (old man) choke.

  23. Against Jab Cross - Slip, roll under left.  Left hand uppercut liver, right hand hook head, step out w left foot and throw a right foot leg kick then exit out left. 

  24. Against Jab Cross - Lean back to oblique side kick to leg.  Tornado kick.  Hopping knee strike.  Drop to outside trip with left hand across their body. Finish TBD

  25. Against Jab Cross -  Drop to body lock.  Backward break throw.  If they hip back, transition to safety clinch O goshi. Finish TBD

  26. Against Jab Cross -

  27. Against Jab Cross - Right hand parry to left hand over the top tiger mouth throat strike.  Left Hand then grabs the collar and pulls down in a lapel drag with a big drop step on back leg. Right hand palm strike to chin sideways, then hand slides under the chin to the cross collar choke.  If they don't finish, left hand pulls out of collar and pushes their head away (RH still holds collar), left knee strike.  

  28. Against Jab Cross -  Step back and lean back to left foot inside leg kick and left hand extended arm.  Step down to Left hand jab to body, right hand ear slap, then as they cover high, Left hand slides inside guard to overwrap arm while right foot steps inside. Drop to Seionage.  Finish TBD

  29. Against Jab Cross -

  30. Against Jab Cross - Philly shell bow slide forward to Muay Thai Dump Sweep Throw.   Finish TBD

  31. Against Cross Hook -  Put one hand on the ground to a one handed Showtime Pettis cartwheel roundhouse kick to their head.  Exit slide back.

  32. Against Cross Hook -  Drop head off line to overhand left with ankle pick.  Finish TBD

  33. Against Cross Hook -

  34. Against Cross Hook -

  35. Against Cross Hook -Against cross, parry and jab, roll back to evade hook, counter hook. Front leg side kick. If you miss by kicking across to the front, go to the scissor throw.  Beginners put hands on the floor, intermediate flying scissor, advanced 4-11.

  36. Against Leg kick  - Swing through to left foot ascending soccer kick to their raised knee.  As their foot steps down, Right foot outside leg kick to their same knee.  

  37. Against open side roundhouse kick - Sweep through to the back control.  Finish TBD

  38. Against TKD cut kick

  39. Against Rear leg front kick - Buakaw Leg drag counter punch with lead hand.  

  40. Against Turning back kick