The Nemean Fight System

 It is our belief that systems and concepts combined with training methodology create great fighters, not technique selection which is the commonly taught method in most martial arts.  So the idea was formed to begin to create a unique system that would do what no other system can.   

Goals of the System

  • Remove the Chaos of Fighting with a Systematic Approach that always puts the fight on our terms

  • Apply pressure tested methods used by fighters at the highest level 

  • A core aspect is a strong defense that is impenetrable, like the Nemean Lion from which it is named.  

  • Have clearly identified landmarks that allow fighters to more easily identify positional goals, set traps, limit variables, and create microsystems and background processes

  • Blend Striking, Takedowns, Clinches, and Grappling into one cohesive system instead of the common trend to treat each in a bubble


A Basic Understanding of the System Itself

  • Defensively the system emphasizes an open stance using an expanding-contracting (long-high) guard from an open stance.  

  • There is a heavy emphasis on distance management using the two boundary system, footwork, and threat of counters and takedowns.

  • Background processes and microsystems 

  • We identify the key battles from landmarks and focus on defending the most common threats - 2 primary and 2 secondary.

  • Use luring to draw opponents into countering buckets of pressure.  Then use funneling to be able to counter a predictable attack.  

  • Anticipate and overcome common responses 

  • Pick them Apart with an emphasis on lead side attacks to limit exposure and create openings for a more devastating rear side attack

  • Easily break down their defenses through the use of feinting, pattern attacks, combinations, and blitzing.

  • Create a no win dilemma for the opponent  - they must choose between either getting picked apart from the outside and walking into counters we have led them to.

  • Apply the proactively chosen high percentile pressure tested techniques that work best for the Nemean system takedowns, clinches, grappling, and escapes.

Primary Combinations

  • Front Kick, Double Punch, Roundhouse

  • Jabbing Setup to Hook to Hook

  • Cross, Stepping straight, slide in straight

  • Jab, slide back, reactive shot 

  • Jab, step back, turning wheel kick

  • Cut kick feint to dropping roundhouse, side kick

Primary Pattern Attacks

  • Giga kick - Midsection roundhouse to the high roundhouse

  • Checked leg kicks to side kick

  • Stomp feint to roundhouse

  • Jab to hook, cross and hook to jab, cross

  • Cross, hook, cross to cross, hook, knee

Countering Buckets of Pressure Response

  • Opportunism - Defend the leg kick mostly

  • Static outside position - Pick them apart, counter the 4 common threats (leg kick, open side body kick, blitz, and takedown)

  • Slow forward pressure - Use lateral kicks hard as they enter (front kick, side kick, tb kick)

  • Close proximity burst attacks - draw them into the long straight head punching and counter using favorite tactic (check hook off the line, spinning backfist, roll back and counter punch)

  • Over committed attack - drop under the attack and takedown