Your Kicking is only as effective as your ability to stay on your feet.  This series is basic movements from key landmarks to help get the fight back on your feet.

Basic BJJ Requirements

Level 1 Introduction

  1. Technical Stand up

  2. Sprawling, Single Leg Defense, and Framing Clinch Escape

  3. Closed Guard Bottom - posture break or bicep control to stand up

  4. Half Guard Bottom -  Escape to back or technical standup

  5. Opponent standing over you - Single X guard sweep to stand up

  6. Double leg control - Frame to stand up

  7. Turtle Position - Standing up escape and frame out to technical stand up

  8. North South Turtle - Escaping with sit through or completing the single leg

  9. Bottom mount - recover half guard to stand up

  10. Bottom side control - Recover closed guard using bridge and hip escape.

Level 2 Beginner

  1. Passing open guard against kicking opponent - bullfighter pass, X pass, or head back step pass

  2. Basic striking from top position in closed guard, half guard, and mount.

  3. Top position transitions - Side control, Kesa Gatame, Knee on Belly, Mount, Back control

  4. Triangle choke from closed guard

  5. Rear naked choke from back control

  6. Open guard tripod sweep and sickle sweep 

  7. Standing closed guard break to Stack Pass

  8. Guillotine escape from closed guard

  9.  Butterfly sweep

  10. Half Guard knee cut pass

Judo Requirements 


Basic kick punch defense Judo Techniques

***Uke front kick defended by push block, then punch

1.  Major Outer Reaping (Osoto Gari) - Universal block, roundhouse kick, right hand grab shoulder and hop into reaping.  

2.   Major Hip Throw (O Goshi) - Universal block and step across into hip throw same as one step 23

3.  Advancing foot sweep (Deashi Barai) - Sidestep to outside, push block then right hand punch to break balance.  Left hand pulls down their shoulder while your foot kicks out their base foot at a 45 degree angle to break them to the rear corner

4.  Major Inner Reaping (Ouchi Gari) - One step #1.  Then, frame across opponent neck.  Version 1 - inside foot sweep motion.  Version 2 - wrap your leg deep knee to knee.

5.  Minor Inner Reaping (Kouchi Gari) - Right hand knifehand block.  Draw Right foot back, spin 360, advancing left foot forward stepping deep between their feet.  Version 1 - Hook their leg and push.  Version 2 - Step deep behind them with your heel off the ground and facing to your right, then rotate into them pressuring the knee, like a single x sweep.

6.  One Arm Shoulder Throw (Ippon Seionage) - Inside out block the incoming punch.  Step in to low groin ridgehand, causing them to step back with lead foot.  Arm comes under their arm as you rotate drop your hips, and pull them across and over.  Variation - descending shoulder throw.

7.  Body Drop (Tai Otoshi) - Inside out push block the punch and grab.  Right hand grab the lapel.  3 step motion.  1.  Right foot steps inside the foot  2. Left foot backstep.  3.  Right foot steps across their knee with your knee pointed down. as you pull them over and across.

8.  Two arm shoulder throw (Morote Seionage) - Inside out block and grab the punch.  Right foot steps forward and right hand grabs the lapel over the bicep.  Rotate, 270 into the shoulder throw.

9.  Loin Spring Hip Throw (Harai Goshi) - Starts as Major Hip throw #2, but without going as deep.  Pull them across and your left leg lifts across their thigh level and kicks back as you pull them over.

10.  Stomach Circle Throw (Tomoe Nage) - Inside out block against two incoming punches left then right. Grab their lapel 2 handed, Step deep inside with your left foot, then roll back and place foot on their hip or in their stomach as you throw them over.  


25 Basic Judo Techniques

1.  Osoto Gari  - Major Outer Reaping

2.  Kosoto Gari - Minor Outer Reaping

3.  Ouchi Gari - Major Inner Reaping

4.  Kouchi Gari - Minor Inner Reaping

5.  Osoto Guruma - Double Leg Reap

6.  O goshi - Major Hip Throw

7.  Harai Goshi - Loin Spring Hip Throw

8.  Hane Goshi - Low Spring Hip Throw

9.  Tai Otoshi - Body Drop

10.  Uchi Mata - Inner Line Throw

11.  Deashi Barai - Advancing Foot Sweep

12.  Ippon Seionage - One Arm Shoulder Throw

13.  Morote Seionage - Two Arm Shoulder Throw

14.  Seoi Otoshi - Descending Shoulder Throw

15.  Tani Otoshi - Valley Drop

16.  Sumi Gaeshi - Butterfly Throw

17.  Tomoe Nage - Stomach Circle Throw

18.  Uchi waza - Suicide Throw

19.  Kibisu Gaeshi - Ankle Pick

20.  Soto Makikomi - Wrapping Arm Drop

21.  Kani Basami - Scissor Throw

22.  Kata Gurumi - Fireman's Carry

23.  Iminari Roll - Rolling Leg Entangle

24.  Uki Otoshi - Floating Drop

25.  Sukui Nage - Scooping throw