Class Warm Up  - 5-10 Minute Dynamic Stretching

  • Jumping Jacks x 30

  • Stance Switch and 5 Probing Jabs Stepping x4

  • Neck Rotation, Hip Rotation, Shoulder Rotations

  • Bouncing Chest to Knee Left Right Center Standing

  • Front Stretch Kick, Inside Out Crescent Kicks

  • Standing Flutter Kicks to Roundhouse Kicks, Foot Slap Kicking, Running Butt Kicks 

  • Alternating Toe Touches, 4 Count Stretch, then Side to side leg stretch

  • Dog Position Knee Raises and Side Kick Lifts

  • Reverse Butterfly

  • Seated Left, Right, Center stretch

  • S Mount Stretch and Open Up

  • Standing Straight Leg Side Kick, Roundhouse Kicks, Hook Kicks, Side to Sides

  • Silat Ground Kicking Drills

Class Cool Down - 15 Minute Static Deep Stretching

  • Deep Stretch Left, Right, Center (30 Seconds Each) 

  • Splits Center, Left, Right (1 Minute, 30 Sec, 30 Sec)

  • Seated Left, Right Center Stretch (30 Seconds Each) 

  • S Mount and Sit Back Stretch Left, Right (30 Seconds Each) 

  • Upward Dog / Baby Cobra (30 Seconds)

  • Downward Facing Dog (30 Seconds) 

  • Lunge, Triangle Pose, Sit Back to Straight Leg Stretch - Left, Right (30 Sec Each) 

  • Thread The Needle - Left, Right (30 Sec Each) 

  • Backstep Stretch - Left, Right (30 Sec Each)  

  • Roll Back (30 Seconds) 

  • Standing Balance Pose to Foot Forward to Side Kick - Left, Right (10 Sec, 10 Sec, Extend)

  • Meditate (1 Minute)

Principles of Verbal De-Escalation

1.  Listen well and Stay calm

2.  Deflect and Redirect insults

3.  Paraphrase - Let me see if I understand you.  You're (feeling) because of (reason)?  

4.  Provide Options - Ask, Explain Context, Appeal to self interest

Always using:

Tactical language - If it feels good, don't say it

Tactical Tone - Unsaid but expressed

Project Empathy - The moment you stop thinking like them, you become ineffective

Tae Kwon Do:

(The Foot Fist Way) The Way of Self Defense through Hand and Foot

Basic Blocks:
Down Block - Ha Dan Maki             
Middle Block - Chun Dan Maki       
High Block - Song Dan Maki             
Knife Hand Block - Soo Do Maki         

Basic Strikes:

Forward Punch - Chilligi OR Jun Quan Jirugi

Reverse Punch Yuk Chilligi OR Bahn Dae Jirugi

Knife Hand Strike - Soo Do Chiggi

Double Punch - Dul Bon Chilligi OR Dul Bon Jun Quan Jirugi

Basic Kicks:

Front Kick - Ahp Chah Gi             
Side Kick - Yahp Chah Gi             
Roundhouse Kick - Dollyo Chah Gi         
Turning Back Kick - Dorah Di Chah Gi     

Advanced Kicks:               
Axe Kick - To Ki Chiggi             
Crescent Kick - Bon Dal Chah Gi         
Wheel Kick - Dorah Hoo Liggi             
Hook Kick - Hoo Liggi                 

Other Strikes:

Bottom Fist Strike - Chul Mul Chiggi

Palm Strike - Chyahng Suhn Chiggi

Elbow Strike - Pal Kum Chi Chiggi

Ridge Hand Strike - Yuk Son Nal Chiggi

Advanced Kick Types:

Kicks Hopping: Pal Tiko

Kicks Skipping - Pal Moah

Kicks Jumping - Teoh

Kicks Flying - Tuval Moah

Backward Break Fall - Hu Bahng Nak Pub
Forward Break Fall - Chung Bahng Nak Pub
Side Break Fall (Left and Right) - Tseuk Bang Nak Pub
Forward Rolling Break Fall (Left and Right) - Chung Bahng Heh Jun Nak Pub
Forward Flying Break Fall - Chung Bahng Teoh Nak Pub

Korean Counting 1 - 10:
1 - Hana     20 – Soomul
2 - Dul         30 - Sul Heun
3 - Set         40 - Ma Heun
4 - Net         50 - Shee Heun
5 - Dasut    60 - Ye Soon
6 - Yasut    70 - Eel Heun
7 - ILgup    80 - Yo Deun
8 - Yadul    90 - Ah Heun
9 - Ahap     100 - Baek
10 - Yeol


Basic Terminology
Tae Kwon Do School     Dojang         

Uniform     Dobok
National Flag         Ko Ki            

Belt         Dee
Attention         Chariet            

Relax         Shee Yo
Bow             Kyung Ryae        

Ready Stance    Jun Bee
Begin             Shee Schzuck        

Continue    Kelso
Stop             Go Mahn         

Sit Down    An Jo
Return         Ba Ro             

Meditate     Muk Nyum

Head Master Instructor - Kwan Chahng Nim
Instructor - Sa Bum Nim (4th Dan and higher)
Black Belt Student - Yu Dan Ja
Meditate - Muk Nyum


Forms - Poomse

Ki Bon Cho Dan      First Basic Form
Palgue IL Jang         Universal Commanding Law, 1st Chapter
Palgue E Jang          Universal Commanding Law, 2nd Chapter
Palgue Sam Jang      Universal Commanding Law, 3rd Chapter
Palgue Sa Jang     Universal Commanding Law, 4th Chapter
Palgue O Jang      Universal Commanding Law, 5th Chapter
Palgue Yuk Jang     Universal Commanding Law, 6th Chapter
Palgue Chil Jang     Universal Commanding Law, 7th Chapter
Palgue Pal Jang      Universal Commanding Law, 8th Chapter

Tae Geuk IL Jang      Balance and Harmony, 1st Chapter    Keon / Heaven
Tae Geuk E Jang     Balance and Harmony, 2nd Chapter    Tae / Strength of Mind
Tae Geuk Sam Jang     Balance and Harmony, 3rd Chapter - Ri / Fire
Tae Geuk Sa Jang     Balance and Harmony, 4th Chapter - Jin / Thunder
Tae Geuk O Jang     Balance and Harmony, 5th Chapter - Seon / Wind
Tae Geuk Yuk Jang     Balance and Harmony, 6th Chapter - Kam / Water
Tae Geuk Chil Jang     Balance and Harmony, 7th Chapter - Kan / Mountain
Tae Geuk Pal Jang     Balance and Harmony, 8th Chapter - Kon / Earth

Hwarang         Flower Boy Military Cadet
Bassai Dai         Snake Form Major
Koryo            Kingdom of Korea, 10th Through 14th Centuries
Chung Moo         Pen Name of Korean Admiral Lee
Chul Ki Cho Dan     Iron Horse, First Chapter


***  Please note that the material provided on this page is not for instructional purposes, but to supplement classroom instruction with a qualified instructor. ​