Class Times

Located in the Whirlyball Facility

5055 Richmond Rd

Bedford Hts, OH 44146


Mon 6pm   Fundamentals with Gayle Mullen and Bruce Koval

Wed 11am  Morning Class with Grandmaster Rick and Master Gina

Fri 6pm      No Gi Advanced Sparring Class with Master Greg

Sat 1pm      Self Defense with Master Greg


Kwan Chahng Nim.

Master Greg Koval


Master Greg Koval has trained in martial arts since 1990 when he began training at Kim's Taekwondo with his father Bruce Koval.  There he learned not only the way of martial arts, but the strong philosophy of Grandmaster Kim.   


​In September of 2012, Master Greg opened his own school but still regularly works under the guidance of Grand Master Rick Morad.   In addition, he is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and trains regularly at Rio Pro BJJ hoping to grow his knowledge of grappling to continue developing in his own martial arts journey.   


It is the goal of Master Greg to continue to teach the proud heritage of martial arts training and philosophy that has been passed on to him.  


Master Rick and Master Gina


Offering instruction in the morning classes is  7th Degree Black Belt Master Rick and 5th degree black belt Master Gina.  Master Rick has been training with Master Kim since 1981 and has been a mentor and teacher to Master Greg since he first began.   Master Gina is one of the many great examples of martial artists that Master Greg has had the pleasure to learn from.

Bruce Koval and Gayle Mullen

In addtion to instruction by Master Greg Koval, the school is pleased to be able to offer insruction from 4th degree Black Belt Gayle Mullen and 3rd Degree Black Belt Bruce Koval.  


Gayle Mullen, our Sa bum nim instructor started training in 1993 at CSU and is a great example of how a small person can overcome a larger opponent with ferocity and technique .


Bruce Koval is Greg Koval's father, and has been training in Taekwondo since 1983 when he began at a work program in Technicare.  From then on, he has steadily trained in Taekwondo at Kim's Taekwondo.  Now through Koval Taekwondo he is showing the benefits of years of hard work and discipline.  Also, at over 70 years old, he demonstrates great spirit as he spars and trains with students half his age.

Our Lineage.

Grandmaster Moo H Kim


From the very beginning of his Martial Arts career, Grandmaster Moo Hwan Kim has formulated his philosophy through his Christian values.
Grandmaster Kim, as a Seventh Degree Judo Black Belt and Eighth Degree Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster, has imparted his wisdom to thousands of students and family members for several decades. 


Humility, discipline, and clean living are at the very core of Grandmaster Kim's life and teachings.  Master Kim's lessons on martial arts, and his action philosophy toward life, have made him the core of a program that believes in the use of martial arts for the betterment of oneself and others through mutual prosperity.  

Masters Tests

Yuk Dan - 6th Degree

The following videos is highlight footage from Master Koval's  Yuk Dan (6th degree black belt) Test on September 9th, 2018.  


O Dan - 5th Degree

The following videos are from Master Koval's Test for his O Dan (5th Degree) on July 23, 2012.  This video shows his testing with Masters Kevin Slodic, Brian Athey, Tina Beltavski, and Antoine Washington.  Please enjoy!


Classes in Action