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Koval Taekwondo and Self Defense teaches power Taekwondo modernized and supplemented with techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling, and Muay Thai.  In addition to the sport and self defense of martial arts, we teach De-Escalation, Anti-Bullying, Flexibility and Fitness. 


Come enjoy our community experience in martial arts, where you will make friends that will last a lifetime.

Try our classes for 1 month free of charge to see if it is right for you.  Enjoy our small class sizes which provide lots of personal attention.  Cost is $50 a month for up to 4 classes a week.  

Unfortunately, we are not currently enrolling students under age 10.

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Why Koval Taekwondo over other schools?

  • Small class sizes mean personal attention.   
  • Content is challenging at all levels without being overwhelming.
  • $50 a month and NO colored belt test fees.
  • Low injury risk.  We train hard, but we train safe.
  • We don't hand out belts.  Belts are earned.  It takes between 7-9 Years to earn a black belt in this program because we do a lot more than most Taekwondo programs.   
  • Cleanliness on and off the mat is mandatory.
  • Guaranteed effectiveness based on a structured development program that uses modern training methodology and the use of concepts and systems.

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Purchase your Koval Taekwondo Merchandise.    We place orders twice a year.  The next order will be in February and will feature new designs in addition to last year's designs, shown below.

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